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    News Updates September 2004

    HELP ME (New section of the Forum)
    Need help, support or information. why not meet on the Forum. We try and answer all posts for help with 24 hours, and will go out of our way to help if we can.
    Click here to access the forum

    Our sponsors TAS ORGANIC have recently added a new range called SOS to their product lists. We don't normally punt a range, but these creams, lotions and shampoos have had rave reviews from eczema sufferers and are well worth a try. The range is organic and steroid free. Click here to read a review

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  • Ed's note

    29 Nov 2004
    Cold? Miserable? Look on the bright side, Christmas is just around the corner. Time for copious drinking and far too much food.
    We hope you all have a great Christmas season, and if you are going to have one too many, PLEASE DON'T DRIVE!

    We have been a little lax of late with the forum. We will spend some time over the festive season trying to answer as many of the posts as we can, and our pages will receive a much needed update. We are still looking for a few helping hands, anyone with a bit of spare time and experience in the allergy field to help out.

    Contact us by email if the description fits.  



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