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    This week's 'literary genius' award goes to

    Topic: A poem on Living with Allergies
    Title: 1/4 of my Life
    Submitted by: Jean McGilvary

    Ed's note: Jean suffers from chronic food allergies. So badly in fact, that she can eat almost nothing without it affecting her. And yet she still feels there is hope. A positive attitude and half the battle is already won. Well done Jean, keep it up.

     ľ of my life Iíve been in a living hell
    to look at me you could never tell
    ďYouíre looking greatĒ everyone says
    They donít see how I struggle these days

    I feel like Iím on a treadmill
    My treatment and cure just standing still
    Meanwhile I live my life of hell
    And hope and pray one day Iíll be well

    The doctors were useless, Iíve found one at last
    Who wants to help, pity 7 years have passed
    You canít dwell on this though or itíll break your heart
    Along with the symptoms this will tear you apart

    You have to be positive on the rest of your way
    And get yourself ready for a well day
    I look forward to that, itís been a while
    When Iím well I could run a mile

    Iím very sad, itís a depressing time
    Next time Iíll write a cheerier rhyme
    Iím feeling crap and on a slope
    Whereís the mechanism to help me cope

    Iím going to read this one day when Iím well
    And finished living my life of hell
    Iíll look back and say ďI canít believe I was so sad
    At the terrible health I once hadĒ

    My life will be happy and Iíll run that mile
    My face will glow with a huge smile
    Iíll wake up each morning and bounce out of bed
    And no longer feel as if I were dead

    I dedicate this poem to the determination I show
    To constantly learn and know what I know
    I am curing myself along the way
    I know itíll all be worth it one day

    Iíve been so fortunate on my road of ill health
    Itís shown me more important things than wealth
    Itís shown me a life I would never of had
    If I hadnít spent so many years of being sad

    ľ of my life has been a learning curve for me
    Sometimes itís hard the good things to see
    Iím happier than Iíve been in many ways
    Iíve got everything Iíve ever wanted these days

    I want my health back to complete my list
    Of things Iíve always wanted and Iíve missed
    Itís on itís way back, it just takes time
    And Iíll keep it forever because itís mine

    I know how to keep it Iíve learned the way
    Itís diet and determination thatíll make it stay
    Itís going to be great when it gets here at last
    And from my memory Iíll erase the past

    ĺ of my life will have been great for me
    Iíll forget the ľ which was a sad place to be
    Iíll relish the good things Iíve found on the way
    Itís made me the stronger person I am today

    Jean McGilvary
    23 July 2003.

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    or let us know what you think of the contribution here


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