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    Why choose theallergysite to advertise?

  • A one off yearly fee for an entire page of advertising space.
  • Update it as often as you like.
  • As an extra bonus, we will guarantee your product exclusivity.
  • We are the premier allergy resource in the UK
  • We guarantee targeted traffic
  • We do not charge a click through fee.
  • For more details see below or view a sample page

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    Exactly like the banner shown above. It measures 400 x 55 and can be updated as often as you like. We even offer a service to assist you with creating a banner if design is a problem. There are no limits to colour or size, although we recommend that the file size be kept below 100k. If the page takes to long to load, you will loose your client.

    We can place a second banner on the page if requested, but we strongly advise against it. If you wish to place your banner on the main, info or submission pages of the directory, please contact us directly for prices.

    Your logo is placed at the top of your page in the business info block. It is hyperlinked to your site and is the main entry point to your business. You may point the logo at any page within your site.
    The logo should measure approx. 120 x 120 pixels. If you have an odd shaped logo that will require more space we can try to assist, however the aforementioned measurements are preferred for the sake of conformity. The logo may be animated.

      It really is "your page". The page is created as an entirely separate static HTML page within the directory. You decide on PAGE NAME, META TAGS and KEYWORDS. The major advantage to this is that search engines will list the page separately, indexing theallergysite as the hosting site. Your business will now have an additional optimised web presence to assist in your ratings on the search engines.

    Send us your keywords and description and we will help you optimise your page listing at no extra cost. Keywords and META TAGS can also be frequently updated, and we strongly recommend it. Search engines check to see if page content has been updated.


    The following headings are available and combined should not exceed a thousand words.

  • Certification of Company and or products

  • Customer Service, if it's there, flaunt it

  • About offers a brief company description

  • Delivery periods, and specify if international

  • Special Offers on products, no pricing allowed, only percentages

  • Site Security, including if customers can shop online

    Try to keep text as short and informative as possible. Avoid flowery language and "best in the west" expressions. You have exclusivity for your product and only need to provide clear and concise info for your prospective client. If you would like to provide additional information under an alternate heading, please feel free to email us and we will gladly assess your request.

  • You can include up to six different models or types of your product or service, each with its own image. Each product  includes a bold header, not to exceed 50 characters and each product description should be in bullet form, and should not exceed 80 words. NO PRICING MAY BE INCLUDED.
    Images should not be larger than 150 x 150 pixels and may be animated, although we advise against this, as it can make the page appear to busy.

    Image and header must link to the specific product shown. Please do not provide links to other sections on your site as this will not be accepted. If your site is dependant on frames and you cannot link to specific product pages, please contact us for assistance.

    If your site does not contain detailed descriptions of your products, we will not accept your listing. Where food, cosmetics or other organic products are offered, complete product ingredient lists are required. If you are catering for allergy sufferers then your site probably already provides this information.


    Email links and other hyperlinks other than those described above are not permitted.

    A website is not a prerequisite for listing. Non web based companies offering allergy related goods and services may also purchase a page if approved, displaying contact telephone numbers instead of a direct link.

    Advertising is subject to acceptance of your application. We offer our visitors an undertaking to monitor and assess the quality of products offered in the Directory, and as such, require that you complete our online application for approval.
    Once approved, your company will be approached with regard to design and implementation.