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    Want the best bedding available? Wrap yourself in the sheer luxury of these silk filled duvets, and, as an added bonus, reduce the allergens in your home. Silk is one of the most hypoallergenic materials available ...
    www.mandarina.co.uk/ 1 Feb 2004

    This UK based business sells two eczema related creams. Feedback has been excellent, with a lot of very satisfied customers. The one product is soil association certified and the other is awaiting approval.
    www.essential-care.co.uk/ 11 Jan 2004

    This is sheer Italian genius. A wonderful range of organic skin care products, shampoos, cleansing gels and deodorant. The Serum they sell is particularly impressive. Great for sensitive skins and allergy sufferers.
    www.evanshop.co.uk/ 21 Nov 2003

    If you suffer from Asthma and Eczema, paint your house with Biofa. This natural paint has none of the other toxins and irritants commercial paints bring into your home. Cleanse your living space with BIOFA today.
    www.villnatura.co.uk/ 11 Nov 2003

    Dust mite problem. Here is the answer. A spray that you can use on almost all household items and linen. Forms a protective barrier to stop the mites in their tracks. One application lasts up to six months, even after washing..
    www.healthguardtm.co.uk/ 11 Nov 2003

    Great range of crystal deodorant  products. If you are allergic to normal deodorants, or want to try an organic alternative, this is what you've been looking for.
    www.erevna.co.uk/ 22 Oct 2003